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I was born in New York and raised in Maryland. After working for nearly 10 years as a driver and manager for UPS, I became a partner in a sales training startup company and relocated to Southern California. Following that partnership I was top salesperson in a medical internet company before being let go in the 2008 recession. I worked with an immigration attorney, managed a large medical practice, and was in management at a major medical center before my position was eliminated in 2011. I’ve experienced unexpected job loss and know what it’s like to start over.

In 2011 I moved to Florida where I have since been a resident of the City of Port St Lucie. In 2013 I started Star Personal Transportation, now one of the most recognized private car and shuttle services in the area. In the last nine years I’ve had the unique opportunity to meet and converse with hundreds of residents from all over the city. I understand what people think and how they feel about our city.

I’m a working class guy who is ready for change, has good ideas, and wants to make a difference in the community. I am ready to start with our trash and traffic issues. As a volunteer with the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Department, my background in transportation, logistics and operations, I have the unique qualifications and perspective to implement solutions to these and other community problems.

Thank you for your consideration, support and your vote. I look forward to serving you and our great City of Port St Lucie as it continues to grow.



Read about the main issues that need to be addressed in our city. With Kevin’s background in transportation, he is ready to tackle the city’s trash and traffic issues.


Find better options to improve the current service and lower the cost to homeowners.


Keep traffic moving and decrease commute times and frustrations.

Public Safety

Ensure first responders and law enforcement have proper funding as our population grows.

Economic Growth

Support tax breaks, financial assistance, and other aids and incentives to help offset this cost for startups and small business owners.


Preserve our natural resources and protect our wildlife that are vital to our environment and community.

The Campaign

A working class citizen who is ready to make a difference in our community.

Your Vote Matters

With your support, together we can make our community better.

Support Kevin Zimmerman’s campaign to help change the city. Donate right away to assist Kevin’s efforts in getting his message out.